FREEDOM: Sell your crap, Pay off your debt, Do what you love!

What Does Freedom Mean To You?


This video below summarizes what I wish to bring to your awareness today. First though, it’s important that you have an understanding of just where I was in my life at the time, what I wanted to create, and a timeframe for you to relate to, in your own life as well.

MY PERSONAL STORYLINE: In late 2007 I SOLD ALL MY STUFF, delved into house caretaking and lined everything up in about 45 days, just after thanksgiving. Yep, I had been contemplating and researching and storyboarding many ways to get back to Who I Really Am and live my life freely and on my terms for about the last 15 months. I had been studying and coaching with Bob Proctor and his Science of Getting Rich Program for a few years and I took it upon myself to begin really applying it now, not just teaching it!

It was both a scary time and a very exciting time all wrapped into one. No one really understood me. And while I was figuring and sensing my next move everyday, I was getting all sorts of questioning and talk when I would tell others what I was working on. “Is everything okay Bob, are you in some kinda trouble?” And who could blame them at the time, right? I was living on the edge for sure, though something deep inside me KNEW I WAS ONTO SOMETHING I DIDNT FULLY UNDERSTAND AT THE TIME.

If you bring yourself back to 2006, 2007 right now, you might say something like, “hey, everything is going to be okay, things are just a bit unstable right now, but we’ll get thru it (again).” Well, somehow I knew that wasn’t so for me anyway. And as history now shows, look what happened in fall of 2008 worldwide, right? Everything fell apart. Yet by then I had sold all my stuff, was living lite and limber and had no debt, while everyone else went into a frenzied panic. I felt amazing relief and confidence by this time period. WOW, I listened to that inner voice and acted on it.

sell your crap pay off debt do what you love wisdom

Along my journey though, I have MANY wonderful people to say THANK YOU to.

I thank Mary Michalis for asking me to house and dog sit their home for 2 weeks; I thank Betsi Greene for trusting me to take care of her precious home for 3 winters; I thank Mike Cavanaugh for inviting me to live with him for a few summers as we became closer friends helping each other out; I thank John Cranshaw for inviting me to live with him while improving his property in Newport, RI; I thank Dr. Darren Weissman and fellow CLP’s for bringing The Lifeline Technique into my life;  I thank Denny, Char & Vance Rogers for inviting me to run their B&B Guesthouse in upstate NY; I thank Paula Terifaj for inviting me to run her newly launched boutique spa hotel in Desert Hot Springs; I thank Barbara Webb for her kind heart and providing me a living space in transition again, I thank Kim Hartz for letting me take care of her home while in transition… and I thank Reggie Bickford for hiring me to do consulting work with their resort and hotel properties, gaining valuable experience and further insights into the spa resort hotel industry.

And I thank my two brothers Steven and Kevin for being there EVERYTIME — no questions asked — EVER!!

I thank everyone, ALL OF YOU who made my dreams possible through this time period.  Yes, I am so thankful for our great friendships and wild experiences… and those yet to come!!

Okay here is the video that ties it all together, enjoy!

My Lifestyle Today

Today, I live in sunny southern california desert, 330 days of the year with blue sky and sunshine, in Desert Hot Springs, CA. I feel so grateful for the MANY transitions that moved me along my way. And yes, I am still moving forward towards my next ventures that I am continually creating… never dreaming I would be living like this 10 yrs ago… yet somehow I knew I would. Make sense? Doesn’t have to… JUST BELIEVE!

I say to you with confidence, to begin today to launch your dreams in your mind, write them out and speak them to friends and in daily conversations… BELIEVE YOU CAN!!


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