You Can’t Pour From An Empty Cup

you cant pour from emprty cup take care yourself first

Fill’r Up Please!

Take Care Of Yourself First!

When we take some time aside from all the buzy-ness life throws at us, and we take personal inventory of just who we are, where we want to be, and what we bring to the banquet table of life, doesn’t it make sense to fill our own cup first?  And not only in how we enjoy our  happiness and success, but in how we can share it with others  along the way.

This is not to be confused with what some might react to as being selfish etc… this is about Loving and Serving Yourself for What You Deserve FIRST!

Then, once this process is underway (and yes it is a process, not an event) we can begin to understand just how powerful and rewarding it is to Be Served By Serving Others.

If we don’t do it for ourselves… who will?


One brief word about The Power Of Intention here: Our INTENTION represents 100% of the relative importance of any  effort we apply to any  situation. If you don’t yet comprehend why this is so, please post your questions below.

It’s time for more of us to Dare To Be Different and fill our own cup first!

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